The chain, one of the most loved and worn jewels ever, finds a renewed identity: no longer just groumette style more groumette but a creative alternation of different geometric figures, a perfect balance between tradition and innovation.

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A jewel for every woman.

The precious Alfieri & St.John are emotions to be discovered. Look for your jewel and discover the beauty of femininity.

A bejewelled history since 1977.

An emblem of niche jewellery, Alfieri & St.John made its debut in the world of precious stones in 1977, breaking all the rules of traditional jewellery. Futuristic shapes, coloured enamels, sought-after stones, unusual materials: from its beginnings, the brand has displayed a particular predisposition for enhancing and proposing products at the cutting edge, devising little masterpieces of design and inventiveness.

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The world of Alfieri & St.John jewels meets women desires through its exclusive shop in shops inside the Luxury Zone boutiques and in the best jewellery stores selected all over Italy and worldwide.

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